The Hippopotamus Defence – by GM Simon Williams

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No time to perfect your chess openings? The Hippopotamus Defence solves all of your opening problems with a universal setup. So you never again have to wonder how to start the game. That’s because you only need to remember one formation which gives you a perfectly playable middlegame, and plenty of chances to outsmart White no matter what they play. Get a smart solution with the Hippo by GM Williams

Your bishops dominate the long diagonals, while your knights eye critical squares in the fourth rank. Plus, your little center keeps White’s aggression at bay, so you can attack the wings. Setting up the Hippo only needs 10 interchangeable moves that are near-impossible to stop. Which means you’ll reach your ideal formation game after game.

But the best part? You only need an hour and a half to start playing the Hippo. That’s the time it takes to watch the entire “Hippo Basics” video and learn a Quickstarter chapter. Inside, Williams — in his trademark easy-to-follow presentation style — shows you: How to reach the Hippo’s ideal setup without fail ; When to deviate with Semi-Hippos ; Essential structures and move order tips

Get the Hippopotamus Defence by GM Simon Williams here