1. FIDE World Chess Federation
  2. ICCF Διεθνής Ομοσπονδία στο Σκάκι Αλληλογραφίας
  3. Chess Results Server Tournament-database of chess-results.com
  4. Ratings Διεθνή ΕΛΟ Σκακιστών
  5. ΕΣΟ Ελληνική Σκακιστική Ομοσπονδία / Greek Chess Federation
  6. ΕΣΣΝΑ Ένωση Σκακιστικών Σωματείων Αττικής
  7. ΕΣΣΚ Ένωση Σκακιστικών Σωματείων Κρήτης
  8. ΕΣΣΘΧ Ένωση Θεσ/νικης - Χαλκιδικής
  9. ΕΣΣΚΕΔΥΜ Ένωση Σκακιστικών Σωματείων Κεντρικής και Δυτικής Μακεδονίας
  10. ΕΣΣΚ Ένωση Σκακιστικών Σωματείων Πελοποννήσου
  11. ΕΣΠΠ Σκακιστικά Σωματεία Πελοποννήσου
  12. Σ.Α.Σ.Κ. Σκακιστικός Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Κορωπίου / Koropi Chess Club
  13. blog του Σ.Α.Σ.Κ. Το blog του Σκακιστικού Αθλητικού Συλλόγου Κορωπίου / blog of the Koropi Chess Club
  14. Γάτος Σκακιστικό Blogspot
  15. Γάτος Σκακιστικό Web Site (νέα μορφή)
  16. Ε.Σ.Π. Ελληνικά-Σκακιστικά-Πολιτικά
  17. GreekChess Greek Chess Blog
  18. Black Queen Μαύρη Βασίλισσα
  19. Greekbase Ελληνικές δημοσιευμένες παρτίδες σκάκι
  20. ΣΟΠ-ΣΜΑΟ ΣΟ Παγκρατίου/ ΣΜΑΟ Καισαριανής
  21. Ζήνων Ζήνων Γλυφάδας
  22. ΣΟ Χαλανδρίου ΣΟ Χαλανδρίου
  23. ΣΟ Καλλιθέας ΣΟ Καλλιθέας - Νικηφόρος
  24. ΕΕΣ Κορυδαλλού ΕΕΣ Κορυδαλλού
  25. Επικοινωνία Σκάκι στο Ν. Ηράκλειο
  26. ΣΟΑ ΣΟ Αμπελοκήπων
  27. ΠΣΠ Πνευματική Στέγη Περιστερίου
  28. ΣΟΝΦ Σκακιέρα της Νέας Φιλαδέλφειας
  29. ΣΟ Αιγάλεω ΣΟ Αιγάλεω
  30. ΑΕΚ ΑΕΚ Chess Club
  31. Άνοιξη Σκακιστική Άνοιξη
  32. ΑΣΟΠ Δίας ΑΣΟ Δίας Πετρούπολης
  33. ΣΜΣ Ελευσίνας ΣΜΣ Ελευσίνας
  34. ΣΟ Ικαρίας ΣΟ Ικαρίας
  35. ΣΟΚ ΣΟ Καβάλας
  36. ΕΣΘ&ΕΣΚ ΕΣ Θεσσαλονίκης & ΕΣ Καλαμαριάς
  37. Κύδων Χανίων ΑΟ Κύδων Χανίων
  38. ΣΑΧ ΣΑ Χανίων
  39. ΟΣΤΡΙΑ Όμιλος Σκακιστών Τριανδρίας
  40. PirgosChess ΣΟ Πύργου
  41. Σκακιστική Ακαδημία Χαλκίδος Σκακιστική Ακαδημία Χαλκίδος "Παλαμήδης ο Ευβοεύς"
  42. Efstratios Grivas GM Efstratios Grivas’s web site
  43. Chess Cafe Best Chess resources for all players
  44. Download PGN Κατεβάστε παρτίδες σε PGN ανά άνοιγμα, ανά παίκτη, ανά τουρνουά κλπ
  45. Week in Chess Κατεβάστε παρτίδες σε PGN από το TWIC
  46. All in one page All useful resources about chess
  47. All Cyprus CF Cyprus Chess Federation
  48. All India CF India Chess Federation
  49. All Armenian CF Armenian Chess Federation
  50. All Austria CF Austria Chess Federation
  51. All Croatian CF Croatia Chess Federation
  52. All Czech CF Czech Republic Chess Federation
  53. All Denmark CF Denmark Chess Federation
  54. All France CF France Chess Federation
  55. All Germany CF Germany Chess Federation
  56. All Holland CF Holland Chess Federation
  57. All Hungary CF Hungary Chess Federation
  58. All Italy CF Italy Chess Federation
  59. All Norway CF Norway Chess Federation
  60. All Portugal CF Portugal Chess Federation
  61. All Russia CF Russia Chess Federation
  62. All Spain CF Spain Chess Federation
  63. All Sweden CF Sweden Chess Federation
  64. All Turkey CF Turkey Chess Federation
  65. All UAE CF UAE Chess Federation
  66. All United States CF The official site of the USCF
  67. All English CF United Kingdom Chess Federation
  68. Association of Chess Professionals Aka ACP, Association of Chess Professionals
  69. Argedrez About Argentinean chess games and news
  70. ARVES About endgame studies
  71. Australian Chess Federation Australian Chess Federation
  72. The Berkeley Chess School Since 1982 the Berkeley Chess School
  73. Blackstone Chess Center Located in Pawtucket, RI
  74. Boston Blitz New England’s National Chess Team
  75. British Chess Magazine BCM online
  76. British Chess Problem Society The world’s oldest chess problem society
  77. Bulgarian Chess Network About chess in Bulgaria
  78. The Campbell Report Correspondence chess journalist J.F. Campbell’s home page
  79. Chess Archeology A site for historians
  80. ChessBase Chessnews and events
  81. Chessbooks Rare, second-hand and out-of print books in the U.K.
  82. Chess Bookshop Karel Mokry’s site
  83. Chess Boss A chess server offering many features
  84. Chessdom Chess news from ChessDom
  85. The Chess Drum African Chess Site
  86. The Chess Federation of Canada Promoting the knowledge, study andplay of chess in Canada
  87. Chess4u Chess resources for beginners and intermediate players
  88. Chess Games Links A collection of chess links
  89. Chess Informant Informator online
  90. Chess Journalists of America America chess journalism
  91. ChessOK Playing Zone Convekta’s free chess playing zone
  92. Chess Openings Study the Chess Openings
  93. Chessology Chess program to learn and play chess
  94. Chessopolis Other chess links
  95. Chess Openings Bookup
  96. ChessPublishing.com Chess opening theory
  97. ChessStar.com Chess composition
  98. ChessVibes Peter Doggers (and many others) chess news and videos
  99. Chessworld.net An online chess club
  100. Chesszone.org Free ebooks, databases and annotated games
  101. Connecticut Chess All the chess clubs in Connecticut
  102. Correspondence Chess League of America Email (Correspondence) Chess
  103. Echiquier-Nicois The French web international newspaper
  104. EG Study Magazine Download complete PDF archives of volumes 1-152
  105. Endgame Database All 3, 4, 5 plus some 6 pieces endgames
  106. The English Chess Federation Promoting the playing of chess in England
  107. Europe ?checs The site of the fine French publication
  108. Everyman Chess The British chess publisher’s home on the web
  109. Free Internet Chess Server Play a chess game
  110. Geeks With Chess Play online chess for free
  111. Genius Prophecy Chess Free chess articles to help the average player improve
  112. Greater Cherry Hill Chess Founded to give local players a nice place to compete
  113. Hamburger Schachklub von 1830 Hamburg Chess Club in the web, in German
  114. ICC Noob Help for the Internet Chess Club
  115. IChessU Chess lessons for any age, chess level or budget
  116. International Correspondence Chess Federation Home page of the ICCF-US
  117. International Email Chess Club Play rated free email games all over the world
  118. Kaissiber The German magazine edited by Stefan Bucker
  119. Jim Ablett's Winboard Chess Projects Very useful page with Jim Ablett's Winboard Chess Projects
  120. John C. Knudsen’s Correspondence Chess One of the web’s top CC sites
  121. KARL Chess history and culture, in German
  122. Ken Whyld Association Information from collectors of chess literature
  123. Kingpin The satirical chess magazine on the web
  124. Live Top List Provisional World Chess Rankings
  125. Marshall Chess Club Founded by Frank J. Marshall in 1915
  126. Massachusetts Chess Association Representing the interest of chess in Massachusetts
  127. Mechanics’ Institute Newsletter By John Donaldson
  128. New In Chess The famous chess magazine
  129. New Jersey Knockouts The site of the U.S. Chess League’s of New Jersey
  130. Newtown Chess Club The Newtown Chess Club
  131. Northwest Chess Chess news from Washington and Oregon
  132. Omegachess Omega Chess in the UK
  133. Playchess.com The well known chess server
  134. Polgar Chess University For those who whants to learn chess
  135. Rochade Kuppenheim A German club site with articles in German and English
  136. Schachbundesliga The highest German chess league
  137. Schach und Kultur Historical chess articles, in German
  138. St. Petersburg Chess Club The St. Petersburg Chess Club of Florida
  139. Suffern Chess Club For friendly chess competition
  140. True Chess Analyzing famous chess positions
  141. The U.S. Chess League The U.S. Chess League
  142. The Week in Chess Mark Crowther’s home page
  143. Wildchess.org Variant Chess Database
  144. WVSCA West Virginia Scholastic Chess Association
  145. West Michigan Chess West Michigan chess events
  146. WuChess The worlds first online chess community
  147. Victor Bologan GM Victor Bologan’s home page
  148. Magnus Carlsen Magnus Carlsen`s Blog
  149. Nigel Davies GM Nigel Davies’ home page
  150. Yelena Dembo Yelena's Dembo home page
  151. Maxim Dlugy GM Maxim Dlugy’s home page
  152. Tim Harding Tim Harding's of ChessCafe home page
  153. Dan Heisman Dan Heisman's of ChessCafe home page
  154. Gregory Kaidanov GM Gregory Kaidanov's official web site
  155. Vladimir Kramnik World Champion Vladimir Kramnik’s home page
  156. Peter Leko GM Peter Leko’s home page
  157. Alisa Maric WGM Alisa Maric’s home page
  158. Hikaru Nakamura GM Hikaru Nakamura's home page
  159. Natalia Pogonina WGM Natalia Pogonina's home page
  160. Sofia Polgar Sofia's Polgar home page
  161. Susan Polgar Susan’s famous web site
  162. Yury Shulman The 2008 U.S. Champion’s site
  163. Jeremy Silman Jeremy Silman's home page
  164. Peter Svidler GM Peter Svidler’s official site
  165. Braille Chess Association of Ireland Braille Chess Association of Ireland
  166. British Braille Chess Association British Braille Chess Association
  167. German Braille Chess Association German Braille Chess Association - in German
  168. International Braille Chess Association International Braille Chess Association - affiliated with FIDE
  169. U.S. Braille Chess Association U.S. Braille Chess Association
  170. ANCL (unofficial) Chess Blog Unofficial ANCL chess Blog
  171. Atomic Patzer Chess fan
  172. Australian Junior Chess A Blog about junior chess in Australia
  173. Blue Devil Knight A Blog of a chess novice
  174. Boylston Chess Club Weblog The Chess Blog of the Boylston Chess Club
  175. Chessaholic A view of chess ...
  176. The Chess Mind Another blog for chess fan
  177. Chicago Chess Blog Chess in Chicago
  178. Ennis Chess Club The Blog of the Ennis Chess Club
  179. Grandpatzer Chess Another blog for chess fan...
  180. JRobiChess Another Blog for chess
  181. The Kenilworthian A blog for the Kenilworth Chess Club
  182. The Knights of the Castle Kimbark About the Ray School Chess Club
  183. Patzer’s Progress The Chess Blog of Anthony Toohey
  184. Pawn Shaman Strategy, Tactics, and Psychology in Chess
  185. Der Alter Goniff Another chess Blog
  186. Red and White Chess Chess news for Indonesia
  187. Robert Pearson Robert Pearson's chess Blog
  188. Rocky Rook Rocky Rook's chess Blog
  189. Rook Van Winkle A interesting chess Blog
  190. Schach und Training Chess and training -in German
  191. Streatham & amp; Brixton Chess Winner of the ECF's 2007 Website of the Year
  192. SquirrelChess A journey into the world of chess
  193. Tablajedrez Javier G. Maneiro's interesting chess Blog
  194. Tim Thompson's chess home page Tim Thompson's Chess Page
  195. Top 10 Chess Chess Tactics and Combinations
  196. Transformation A Blog about chess improvement
  197. WBEC Ridderkerk Latest updates of each Winboard / UCI engine, since 2002
  198. The Exeter chess club The Exeter chess club
  199. e2e4 Chess e2e4 Chess
  200. Chess Scotland About chess in Scotland
  201. Chess 4u The chess4u net
  202. Chessbase Puzzles Chessbase puzzles and tactics training
  203. Chess on Stamps Chess Stamps all over the world
  204. Steve Pribut's Chess Site Steve Pribut's chess page
  205. Russian Chess The Russian chess web site daily updated
  206. Chess calendar Chess calendar by Michael Tscharotschkin
  207. Chess calendar Chess calendar updated from Czech
  208. First Saturday Chess Tournaments With IMs and GMs norms in Budapest, Hungary
  209. Grand Master Square Home on the web of some favorite GMs
  210. Chess Curiosities Tim Krabbe's chess page
  211. Entwicklungsvorsprung By the famous journalist George Souleidis, in German