Rubichess wins TCEC League 1 convincingly

The league stage of the Top Chess Engine Championship (Season 25) reaches the pinnacle of the event – the Premier Division. The defending champion Stockfish will meet its main competitor Leela Chess Zero, as well as six more of the strongest chess engines: four seeded participants – KomodoDragon, Ethereal, Stoofvlees, Slowchess – and the two qualified from L1 – Rubichess and Igel.

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Rubichess wins TCEC League 1 with large margin

Rubichess, the open source chess engine by the German computer scientist Andreas Matthies, is the star of TCEC Season 25 so far. It qualified for the highest division of TCEC by winning convincingly League 1, scoring 30,5/44 (19 wins 23 draws, and 2 losses), finishing 2 points ahead of its closest participant. With this win Rubichess added 21 ELO points and crossed the 3500 ELO mark in the TCEC competitions, a feat that only a handful of engines have achieved so far.

Final standings League 1