Carlsen – Caruana 2018 – tiebreaks LIVE!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the live coverage of the 2018 World Chess Championship match between the reigning champion Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and the challenger Fabiano Caruana (USA). In this live blog + live games from WCC 2018 we will be covering the event Carlsen – Caruana with the latest news, developments, interviews, and in-game details.

The most important feature here will be the lines of analysis by Lc0 – the open Neural Network, and the TCEC champion Stockfish running on a Super Computer of 128 cores.


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Update 15:30 CET

The tiebreak drama is here! Today is the day when we will know the new world chess champion. Even in the unlikely case where we do not have a single decisive game, there will be a new champion crowned. Carlsen and Caruana will start with best-of-four rapid games with time control 25 minutes for each player with an increment of 10 seconds after each move. In case of a 2-2 score we will have up to 5 pairs of blitz games with time control 5 minutes plus 3 seconds increment after each move. In case of another tie, there will be the famous Armageddon, where in case of draw the player with the black pieces will be crowned champion

Carlsen will start with the white pieces, as per the draw conducted during the last press conference.

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