Caruana – Carlsen 2018 game 1 LIVE!

Sao Paulo Carlsen - Caruana

Carlsen – Caruana

Carlsen and Caruana start their World Chess Championship 2018 adventure today at 15:00 local time. As it has been tradition for 12 years already, the World Chess Championship match Carlsen – Caruana will be live on Chessdom.com with the best analysis in the world. To power the insights of the game Chessdom brings onboard a 128 cores Super Computer equipped with the current TCEC champion Stockfish and a neural network based on Alpha Zero- Lc0 – on Google Tesla V100 infrastructure. You read correctly, this is the strongest EVER analysis provided for a chess game.

Note: due to legal bullying and pressure by Agon and silent support by officials including FIDE, Chessdom will follow the guidelines for broadcast: Chessdom will not use any information or moves from the official website and Chessdom will not show move by move, rather eval by eval. More on this on our daily live blog here

Is this analysis only going to be available for Carlsen – Caruana match?

The answer is no, this analysis is here to stay. Live games with SF[128] and Lc0[Google v100] will be available for every top chess event in the world. Chessdom with the help of the TCEC team will actively develop the GUI (see example here) and the broadcast, so that the chess fans enjoy the games like never before. This innovative idea will be free of charge for any chess fan, if you would like to support the development of the broadcast you can do it via Streamlabs

World Chess Championship 2018 live

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Caruana – Carlsen game 1 starts at 15:00 local time. As soon as move 1 is made, the evals on this page will be updated.

Current evals of game 1:

Lc0 [v100s]: Move 1 eval +0.00

Stockfish [128 cores]: Move 1 eval +0.00

Highest evals of game 1:

Lc0 [v100s]: TBA

Stockfish [128 cores]: TBA


Hardware for analysis:

Leela Chess Zero neural network on Google Tesla V100 GPUs

Stockfish on 128 cores SuperComputer + 7 man tablebases


Carlsen – Caruana (2018, August, replay)

Watch live video from TCEC_Chess_TV on www.twitch.tv