Caruana – Carlsen 2018 game 3 LIVE!

photo by Niki RigaHello everyone and welcome to the live coverage of the 2018 World Chess Championship match between the reigning champion Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and the challenger Fabiano Caruana (USA). In this live blog + live games from WCC 2018 we will be covering the event Carlsen – Caruana with the latest news, developments, interviews, and in-game details.

The most important feature here will be the lines of analysis by Lc0 – the open Neural Network, and the TCEC champion Stockfish running on a Super Computer of 128 cores.


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Current move eval: Move 1: Lc0 +0.00 , SF[128] +0.00

Update 14:15 CET

Parallel to the World Chess Championship match today you can enjoy two other major events. In Russia we have reached the quarterfinal stage of the Women World Chess Championship, you can follow it live with analysis here. Today starts also the Top Chess Engine Championship, the premier event for computer chess. It will be live after 17:00 CET at the official website

Update 14:00 CET

Today is game 3 of the match and Fabiano Caruana has the white pieces again. In game 1 (replay here) the American was on the brink of losing. The 128 cores Super Computer analyzing the game was often hitting -7 evaluation, while the neural network Lc0 believed the game is long gone before the time control. Series of inaccuracies by Carlsen saved Caruana from a disastrous start. Today he will have a chance to show what he ca do with the white pieces again.

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