Nodirbek Abdusattorov touches 2700 ELO

Nodirbek Abdusattorov is on the verge of entering the elite club of players to have crossed 2700 ELO. Today, at the ongoing Turkish League, Abdusattorov won against Erdogmus (ELO 2373) and added extra 1,4 points to reach 2699,5 ELO.

The biggest rating gains for Abdusattorov this month were in Chess Olympiad R4 vs Caruana 6,3 ELO points and in Chess Olympiad R10 vs Gukesh 4,9 ELO points. Few focused on the 21 points gain by Abdusattorov, as the young talent led his team to Olympic gold at the Chess Olympiad 2022.

Tomorrow the games from the Turkish League continue. In case of a win, Abdusattorov will cross officially cross 2700 ELO. Follow all Abdusattorov news here