Tan Zhongyi: Goryachkina didn’t give me any chance today

The second game of the Women’s Candidates Semifinals between Tan Zongyi and Aleksandra Goryachkina finished in a draw and the result is now tied 1-1, with only two games to go.

Tan Zhongyi had a slight advantage in the early middlegame an in the post-game interview explained that the opening was within the scope of Goryachkina’s preparation: “It was very complicated today, to be honest. I spent a lot of time thinking about strategy and approach for today. The game was not balanced, but in the end, I chose to play more stable. Her defense today was very good and she didn’t give me any chance“. The Chinese grandmaster added that she looks forward to the free day tomorrow as she still regrets dropping her chances in the game 1. See the complete interview below

Game 2 report / Replay game 2 video coverage